To join the AFS Tidewater Chapter as a new member or to renew your previous membership, please submit a completed membership form with payment to Stephanie McInerny.  You can download the membership form HERE

AFS Tidewater Chapter dues are $10.00 annually, $150.00 for a lifetime membership.


as stated in the AFS Tidewater Chapter bylaws...

The membership of the Chapter shall be made up of those persons having an interest in the estuarine and coastal fisheries

of the area consisting of but not limited to the Commonwealth of Virginia and the states of Maryland and North Carolina,

and having having paid their current Chapter dues.  Only a parent society member may be a voting member, hold office,

or chair a committee of the Chapter. 

The Chapter recognizes the formation of student subunits at colleges and universities within the AFS Tidewater Chapter

membership area, described above, as provided for in Article V of the American Fisheries Society Constitution.

Members of the following AFS student subunits shall be recognized as Chapter members:

East Carolina University

University of Maryland

University of North Carolina Wilmington

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Duke University