mailing list

Please follow the directions below if you would like to receive periodic emails from the AFS Tidewater Chapter

regarding current news, announcements, meeting times, upcoming events, reminders, etc.


The AFS Tidewater Chapter listserv is designed to facilitate electronic communication amongst members.

Any mail messages sent to the listserv will be redistributed to ALL individuals who have joined the list.

To receive messages, you must first subscribe to the list. To subscribe to the list, send an email to the

following address:



                     In the body of the email you send to the listserv, type this:

                     SUBSCRIBE TIDEWAFS your name


                     If your name were Kris P. Kreme, you would type:

                     SUBSCRIBE TIDEWAFS Kris Kreme


Include no other text in the email to the listserv, not even a signature file.  HTML code in email sometimes

confuses the listserv, so it is recommended that you send plain text.  After you send your subscription

request, you will receive a reply from the listserv asking for subscription confirmation.  After confirming

your subscription, you will receive an email with information regarding the basics of working with listserv


If you choose to reply to the sender of an email received through the listserv, YOU MUST CONTACT

THAT INDIVIDUAL directly.  You should not hit "reply" to the message because it will be delivered to

the entire listserv and not the desired recipient.