Meritorious Service award 

excellence in fisheries education award

conservation award 

presidential award

eileen setzler-hamilton memorial scholarship

The Awards and Scholarship Committee is seeking nominations for awards to be presented to deserving individuals at the next annual meeting of the Tidewater Chapter, American Fisheries Society, Jan. 25-27, 2018.

Please help the Awards and Scholarships Committee and your Tidewater Chapter by nominating deserving individuals for these awards.  Send the names of your nominees, plus a brief description of why you think they deserve the award, to:

Sara Mirabilio

Chairman, Awards and Scholarship Committee

Tidewater Chapter, AFS

P.O. Box 699

Manteo, NC 27954

Phone: 252-475-5488


The description of the awards are provided below.


Meritorious Service Award

This award is given periodically to a Chapter member for their unswervingly loyalty, dedication, and service to the Tidewater Chapter over a long period of time, and for their exceptional commitment to the programs, objectives, and long-term goals of the Chapter.

Excellence in Fisheries Education Award

This award is given periodically to a Chapter member who has achieved excellence in teaching and student advising in the field of fisheries science (or closely related area) and who encourages student participation at the Tidewater Chapter meetings.

Conservation Award

This award is given periodically to a Chapter member, resource management agency, corporation, or non-profit organization that has distinguished himself/herself/themselves through notable fisheries or habitat conservation activities.

Eileen Setzler-Hamilton Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship award is given periodically to an outstanding graduate student who currently is in school and has displayed a commitment to excellence in research, education, professional endeavors, and public/community service.

DOWNLOAD the application for the Eileen Setzler-Hamilton Memorial Scholarship. Please submit your completed application to Sara Mirabilio before December 17, 2018.



CLICK HERE to download the list of past award recipients. File was updated March 2015.

Meritorious Service Award

Stephanie McInerny, 2015

Ron Klauda, 2014

Bob Murphy, 2013

Dave Secor, 2012

Charles Manooch, 2011

John Olney, 2008

Roger Rulifson, 2006

James Morris, 2005

Fred Harris, 2004

Ron Klauda, 2003

Bill Rodney, 2001

Rick Eades, 1998

John Cooper, 1996

Excellence in Fisheries Education Award

Fred Scharf, 2017

Rob Latour, 2016

Thomas J. Miller, 2015

Skip Kemp, 2014

Jack Musick, 2013

Vic Kennedy, 2012

Jeff Buckel, 2011

Don Kelso, 2010

Ed Houde, 2009

Tom Lankford, 2006

John Olney, 2005

Dave Secor, 2004

Eileen Setzler-Hamilton, 2000

Roger Rulifson, 1999

Conservation Award

Anne Deaton, 2017

Jim Wesson, 2016

Senator C. Bernard “Bernie” Fowler, 2015

North Carolina Coastal Federation, 2014

Bill Goldsborough, 2013

Kent Mountford, 2012

Mike Street, 2011

Jack Travelstead, 2010

Karl Blakenship, 2009

Jim Uphoff, 2009

Robert “JJ” Orth, 2007

Mike Naylor, 2006

Ed Houde, 2005

Beth Versak, 2004

Wilson Laney, 2004

Ken Paynter, 2003

John Olney, 2003

Special Presidential Award

Jacob Boyd, 2017

Jacob Boyd, 2014

Danielle Zevata, 2013

Stephanie McInerny, 2007, 2012

Bob Murphy, 2006

Erik Zlokovitz, 2005

Roger Rulifson, 2004

Ron Klauda, 2003

Ron Klauda, 1998

John Cooper, 1993

Joe Loesch, 1993

Eileen Setzler-Hamilton Memorial Scholarship

Brendan Runde, 2017

Willy Goldsmith, 2016

Rebecca Peters, 2015

David Kazyak, First Place, 2013

Chad Smith, Second Place, 2013

Andre Bucheister, First Place, 2012

Cory Janiak, Second Place, 2012

Steve Midway, 2011

Jacob Boyd, 2010

Cecilia Krahforst, 2009

Janet Nye, 2005

Jennifer Cudney, 2002